1. Hi Marco,
    good post. Just the hint is missing, that you should OLNY deaktivate the second language and never delete it. To delete english will lead to new trouble.


  2. Absolutely, Michael. Thanks for that hint! As I used to work with other systems before (also OSC based), it went to a matter of course to don’t touch any pre-installed languages for this reason.

  3. Hello,

    I think that OXID eshop is the best option of open code that exists to create an online store, but there is not yet an Spanish translation. I am willing to do it because I think it’s worth. Would you give me some pointers to get started. What I must keep in mind to do it. I know it will be hard but I am very exited.

    Thanks and regards.

  4. Hello Javier,

    thanks in the name of the community! Indeed, Spanish is still missing. There are two language files:
    /out/[Theme]/en/lang.php for the store front and
    /out/admin/en/lang.php for the admin panel.

    We collect all translated languages on this pages in OXIDforge:

    Somebody already promised to translate into Spanish but nothing happened yet. Please simply overwrite this file.

    Gracias and regards!

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