Anzido’s Difficulties with the OXID Best Solution Award

A few days ago, on October 26th, we celebrated the annual OXID Partner Day. More than 150 people working at our partner agencies attended the interesting presentations and workshops held on that day. One of the most interesting and popular ones was called “The Power of the Community” (link leads to a German PDF with the handout), and was held by my friend Sandro Groganz.

Over the last few years, it has become a tradition to honor the best implementation of an OXID-based shopping cart with the “Best Solution Award” at the evening ceremony (more in this blog post). The winners this year were:

BABY MARKT winning the OXID Best Solution Award in the category Enterprise Edition
BABY MARKT: Winner of the OXID Best Solution Award in the Enterprise Edition category.

OXID Best Solution Award - The Happy Winners
OXID Best Solution Award: The Happy Winners

Corpus Delicti - The Cart.
Corpus Delicti: The Cart

Besides the honor, winners also get a physical award: a shopping cart. Yes, a real shopping cart, just like the one in the supermarket around the corner, which is stuffed with local Schwarzwald delicacies (Schwarzwald is the region in which Freiburg is situated). And of course, every winner has to take it home…which would be a problem if you had come by train like Andreas Ziethen of anzido GmbH had.

The next morning, towing his shopping cart through the ICE train floors, he was stopped by four policemen asking him, “Is that yours, sir?” and pointing at the cart.

“Of course,” he said. “This is my Best Solution Award!” 🙂


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