1. This is a good news for developer. Easier debugging and lesser performance overhead in production environments.
    Protecting source code may be important, but makes almost problems and every protection system is not really save…

  2. xvillard


    Is there any improvement since zenserver 5.04 supporting PHP 5.3 is released ?

    Trying to install OXID PE :

    PHP Fatal error: Incompatible file format: The encoded file has format major ID 3, whereas the Loader expects 4

  3. You indeed stuck with the problem of Zend Guard Loader’s (included in Zend Server) backwards compatibility. At the moment, we still deliver OXID eShop PE and EE encrypted for PHP < 5.3 by default. Please turn to OXID support, you'll get another version. Presently, we are working on our deployer to provide both versions (for PHP < 5.3 and > 5.3) as soon as possible. Later, like promised above, we will drop the encryption at all.

  4. xvillard

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll contact Oxid’s support to get a PHP 5.3 compatible version.

    Best regards

  5. Hi Marco, what is Oxid’s offiical recommendation on installing/configuring new LAMP/PHP-Server, where PE-edition is going to run on ? Either go with PHP 5.3 or manually compile and run PHP 5.2.x ?

  6. Hi Uwe,
    I (on my private blog) personally recommend to use PHP 5.3. It seems to be much faster and you’ll get a much better performance. As I posted before: we are still working on the deployment, hope to get it done soon with one of the next releases following 4.5.0. Until that point, could you please turn to OXID support to get it done manually? Thanks!

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