Switching to Ubuntu Part IV: Bringing Skype to Work in VirtualBox

like described in https://marco-steinhaeuser.de/switching-to-ubuntu-part-iii-working-with-virtualbox.html, I couldn’t get USB devices mounted. for permanent mounting do the following: $ /proc/… installed and connected the VPN checkpoint client without problems installed M$ outlook without problems installed iTunes without problems install guest additions after starting your guest system to get full screen support, mouse support, shared folders support. if you need special features like screen sharing, skype on linux 2.1 beta isn’t a good choice. installed Skype w/o problems. after running a while it crashed. googled and finally found a bug in virtual box: http://www.virtualbox.org/ticket/1710 Workaround functions perfectly: Go to the Skype folder in the guest XP machine and right click on the skype.exe Choose Compatibility Tab in options and Set it to Win2000. can ditch the second instance of my dual boot installation now 🙂