PHP 5.3.0 and Zend Guard / Zend Optimizer

If you are using Zend Guard to encrypt your PHP applications you probably don’t want to update your server environment to PHP 5.3.0: Zend Guard (for encoding your PHP files) and Zend Optimizer (for decoding your PHP files) are not available yet for this PHP version and so upgrading should break your application. A discussion about this subject is going on in this forum thread:

Zend announced that new versions of Zend Guard and Zend Guard Loader (which will replace Zend Optimizer) will be released in the first quarter of 2010. Until then, please avoid upgrading PHP to 5.3 on machines where Zend Guard encoded applications are running.

The OXID eShop’s Enterprise Edition and Professional Edition are effected. We believe that the upcoming version 4.3.0 of OXID eShop Community Edition is not effected.


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