PHP 5.3.0 and Zend Guard / Zend Optimizer

If you are using Zend Guard to encrypt your PHP applications, you probably don’t want to update your server environment to PHP 5.3.0: Zend Guard (for encoding your PHP files) and Zend Optimizer (for decoding your PHP files) are not yet available for this PHP version and so upgrading should break your application.

DNS fail: Kabeldeutschland

Very strange experience with Kabeldeutschland as my ISP: They totally failed maintaining their own DNS servers. Service = zero. Find out how to help yourself in a case like this.

Moving WordPress from one server to another

Learn how to move your WordPress installation from one server to another. This post might be useful if you prepared your blog on your local machine or if you have to change your hosting provider. Let me know your thoughts commenting to this post.