First Open Source Meeting in Leipzig

On November 23th at 7 PM the First Open Source Meeting in Leipzig will take place in the cellar of Cafe SPIZZ. Florian Effenberger from Deutschland e.V. and Carsten Book from Mozilla Corporation will attend and speak about their projects. This evening will be held in a similar style to Webmondays.

Many thousand programmers in the world code free software in their spare time or supported by their companies. They follow the principle of Richard Stallmann, who proclaimed already in the early 60th that program code is nothing else than thoughts and thoughts are free. From this, the GNU project evolved that produced the first open source applications. The most prominent examples are the operating system Linux as well as the Mozilla project with the Firefox browser or the office suite

Today, open source software is stable, secure and functional. More and more public and private organizations in many countries are keen using it. Also the European Union as well as several German Federal Ministries support the usage of open source software and thus boost the competition between the software producers.

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