Recap of the first user group meeting Leipzig

Recap of the first OXID user group meeting in Leipzig on Feb 26th. Read on what we agreed, how often to meet where and which topics are most interesting for the next meetings. Thanks to pixi* for providing their business rooms as well as catering!

A Concert for Holger Hempel, Fighting on Cancer

A good mate of mine, Holger, has been suffering from cancer quite recently. In a spectacular campaign on Facebook, his friends are presently about to organize a concert with a twist into a kind of Woodstock festival, as the bands have that vibe. Please help to spread the word!

First Open Source Meeting in Leipzig

On November 11th at 7 PM the First Open Source Meeting in Leipzig will take place in the cellar of Cafe SPIZZ. Florian Effenberger from Deutschland e.V. and Carsten Book from Mozilla Corporation will attend and speak about their projects. This evening will be held in a similar style like the Webmondays.

The Scuttles at Anker Leipzig

On November, 14th, The Scuttles will perform again in Anker Leipzig. As Seb is really set on fire about that band we have go there. Seb seems to to be really addicted to Dire Straits tbo. No day that I don’t hear “Sultans of Swing” played along on his guitar in a different version again and again. I really love it 🙂