Rewritebase OXID eShop

Again and again I see my website being found with the key word “rewritebase oxid eshop”. Obviously this seems not to be a clear case. Let me explain it:

The OXID eShop strictly uses so called re-written URLs, known as “permalinks” in WordPress. In opposite to e.g. WordPress, you cannot choose between “regular” URLs and re-written URLs, it’s use is assumed and this, absolutely makes sense: Who wants to run an online store without wanting to be ranked on top of the known search engines?

An example:

  • Until OXID eShop Version 4, URLs where build like this:
  • Now, this URL (built up by the program code) by default is re-written to another URL this style:

Nice, isn’t it? In a matter of fact, your product details page will rank much higher in any search engine!

To achieve this effect, your webspace or server has to fulfill some requirements before you can set up OXID eShop:

  1. The component “mod_rewrite” has to be installed. You can check this easily with a simple file – let’s call it “check.php” – that you can load onto your server via FTP contents the following: <?php phpinfo(); ?>. Fire up your browser and insert now, search for “mod_rewrite”. If you cannot find anything, turn to your hosting provider. Don’t forget to ditch this file once you saw it – the information provided opens doors to all the hackers.
  2. Check, if you really uploaded the delivered file .htaccess. Files with a leading dot are marked as hidden in the Unix world, so at a MAC, and will not be uploaded by default.
  3. Some hosting providers do not allow an own .htaccess file. Request it!
  4. Some hosting providers request an additional entry into the .htaccess file, called “RewriteBase”

In this case, replace

Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine On


Options +FollowSymLinks
RewriteBase /
RewriteEngine On

or use

RewriteBase /oxid/

if you run a sub-folder.

If there still problems remaining, turn to the forums, I’ll be there 😉


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