How to Install a New Language on OXID eShop Store Front

First of all, you for sure will need the translated front end file for your language that you may find in the language section of OXIDforge. In this example, I am using Spanish. Mark and copy everything that you find under the headline Language file /out/basic/es/lang.php. Make a new file on your computer and name it lang.php. Paste the text copied in #1 and save your file. Copy the [Read more...]

Switching to Ubuntu Part IV: Bringing Skype to Work in VirtualBox

like described in, I couldn't get USB devices mounted. for permanent mounting do the following: $ /proc/... installed and connected the VPN checkpoint client without problems installed M$ outlook without problems installed iTunes without problems install guest additions after starting your guest [Read more...]

The Hubris of Classic Media

Yet another annoying _incident_ next to my place a couple of minutes before at RTL (kinda German TV station): "Win 5K EURs by answering the following question: For which desease a mosquito can be a vector a) Malaria b) the swells" ... Dear RTL guys, who do you think I am? Do you really think I am stupid enough to call your bl**dy expensive extra number and answer your &%/(§ [Read more...]