How to Install a New Language on OXID eShop Store Front

First of all, you for sure will need the translated front end file for your language that you may find in the language section of OXIDforge. In this example, I am using Spanish.

  1. Mark and copy everything that you find under the headline Language file /out/basic/es/lang.php.
  2. Make a new file on your computer and name it lang.php. Paste the text copied in #1 and save your file.
  3. Copy the content that you find under the headline Transliteration List for URLs on the same OXIDforge page and paste it to the field Characters which are replaced in SEO URLs in your admin panel -> Master Settings -> Core Settings -> tab SEO.
    (OXID eShop is doing it the old way in URLs: just provide clean and readable latin characters and leaving out the special ones. Imagine that “Geräte” [transl: tools] could become “gerte” [transl: wipe] which might be used in a sexual manner… 🙂 )
  4. On the OXIDforge page, open the flag image you find under the last headline Flag and download it to your computer as es.gif. Copy es.gif to /out/[your_template]/img/lang/
  5. Go to your OXID eShop installation /out/[your_template]/ and make a new directory /es/ for Spanisch. Copy the file lang.php into this new directory.
  6. Go to the admin panel of your OXID eShop now and open Master Settings -> Languages. Activate this language, enter “es” to the field Abbreviation and “Espanol” to the field Name. Save your work.
  7. Go to Service -> Tools and press the Button Update DB Views now. This is important from version 4.5.0 on, as the language handling is using database views to allow an unlimited number of languages.

You are done, mate!

If you can’t find the translation of a language that you need on OXIDforge, also for the admin panel, please feel free to contribute your translation on this page, the community will appreciate it! If you have a translated file and have no clue how to use the OXIDforge wiki, please turn to me.

In case you translated the front end file, the admin file and the demo data into another language, please feel free to upload this package to OXID eXchange.


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