1. Nice Marco!
    Good to know all these facts at one Place;)
    I want to add an Important note:
    For tags and the resulting Pages of it, it is not possible to change the Meta Title.
    That is not soooo good. And
    there is no Module …or is there any ?

    Greetz Michael

  2. Thomas Krenn

    Rich snippets out of the box?
    did some research how the OXID reference shop use rich snippets.

    4 (out of 7) have no snippets
    3 use schema.org snippets
    0 use good relations

    http://www.gartenmoebel.de – no snippets
    http://www.bergzeit.de – schema.org
    http://www.myoma.de – no snippets
    shop.item-m6.com – schema.org
    http://www.closed.com – no snippets
    shop.semikron.com – no snippets
    http://www.street-one.de – schema.org

    Looking at the code, there are no article related rich snippets.

    The only OXID site with good relations is mayersche.de, but its bloated and buggy.

    Best regards

  3. Hey Thomas,

    thanks for your reply.

    Yes, out of the box: actually, the built in rich snippets feature is kind of a proposal that comes with the standard delivery of OXID eShop. By default, this feature is switched off, also it is connected to the template set (default = Azure) that is used.
    As every project is different and templates as well as built in features – especially in projects with a bigger budget like you picked out of the ref’s – are usually altered heavily in order to make this specific business unique and fitting to it’s needs.

    In other words:
    *If you set up a default OXID eShop installation and switch on the feature, don’t alter the template, it works out of the box.
    *If you decide to not use good relations/RDFa, you may not switch on the feature. If you want to use schema.org in your project, you build it in instead.

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