OXID eShop onpage SEO capabilities

The German portal onlinemarketing.de recently published a guest blog post by Herbert Buchhorn of clicks.de. The author used a checklist of SEO specific built-in features, but omitted significant advantages OXID is offering. I will adapt the same check list to show what OXID eShop can deliver from a SEO perspective. As I’m frequently asked about SEO topics anyway, I hope you will enjoy the post, even if you have not read the published comparison.

Back to the future IV

A couple of days ago, on 7th July, OXID was awarded with the PayPal Partner Award 2015. For this reason, our CEO Roland Fesenmayr went to Berlin for PayPal partner day, received the accolade and suddenly disappeared from one second to another. He popped up back home in Freiburg explaining that he simply used the time machine app, whew! However, I personally don’t believe in that stuff. Rather I think he was temporarily kidnapped by aliens to the Photoshop universe 🙂