PhpStorm OXID plugin available

phpstorm logoA couple of days ago we were surprised by an unusual pull request on GitHub. The contributor, @Haehnchen, simply requested to remove the file .phpstorm.meta.php because of a native PhpStorm plugin.

Indeed, Daniel Espendiller, the real name behind @Haehnchen, wrote and distributed a well working native OXID plugin for JetBrains PhpStorm under MIT open source license. As he describes, this plugin is dependent on the Symfony2 Plugin, and provides a whole bunch of features for writing PHP as well as Smarty.

I’d like to thank you very much, Daniel – think this contribution will make the life of OXID developers much easier!

[Update] After publishing this blog post, I learned an interesting detail: Daniel works as a developer at one of OXID’s partners, Shopmacher.


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