CLA assistant as new service for OXID contributor license agreements

CLA assistantMost likely you already know that, if you want to send a pull request to one of the OXID public repositories, it is policy to agree to a contributor license agreement (CLA) before. Please read more about the why and what in OXID’s FAQ on this topic.

When we started accepting contributions, it was still necessary to sign a paper manually and to send it back to us; later we found a service that made this procedure ways more comfortable. Unfortunately, in the recent past, it turned out that this service is not reliable any longer for professional use, we also couldn’t find any way to support this project.

That’s why we recently decided to turn to CLA assistant in the hope, this service will work more stable. At least the first checks seem to be running as desired 🙂

Also, it was possible to import all previous CLA signers (CLAhub as well as paperwork) into the new service so there shouldn’t be any glitches for all the good lads to sign a CLA before. Might be important to know: The tool requires a new CLA agreement per repository, not per GitHub organization. This means that, if you already contributed to oxideshop_ce repository, you’ll be asked for a new CLA agreement for any other repository like the PayPal module.

In case of any questions, quarrels or puzzles, please feel free to turn to me personally or leave a comment.


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