GitHub contributors: we facilitaded OCA signing

OXID eShop is available under two different licenses, GPLv3 and a commercial license.

That’s why contributors have to sign up a so called “OXID Contributor Agreement” (OCA) before their contributions can be merged.

In the past, this step was painful: most contributors didn’t read the file attentively enough and had to be pointed during the discussion about their contribution to the necessity of downloading the OCA PDF file, printing it out, signing it and sending it back to us. Actually an unnecessary barrier of entry, isn’t it.

Thanks to the CLAHub project and @ravage84 who pointed me to this service, we could resolve this issue. When sending your next pull request on GitHub you will be led to OCA and requested to sign it. Also, everybody else will be informed whether you signed it or not when watching the pull request.

warning - OCA not signed

Please note that there is an additional field asking for information about your employer. This is legally necessary in case you work on contributions during your work time. In this case, please leave the requested information. If you’re self-employed, please just add something like “self-employed” or “running my own business”. In case you are working on contributions during your spare time, please also drop an appropriate message in this field.

The only fly in the ointment is that everybody who already signed an OCA is requested to fill this form again – but only once. Hope you can live with this little effort.


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