Recap of the OXID Developer Meet-Up on January 13 2012 in Hamburg

The 2012 season for OXID developer meet-ups started in Hamburg on January 13. Sigmar Kress from Rhinos Media organized the location and we set up a page on OXIDforge for gathering information about participants and ideas for talks.

Although we announced the event relatively late, more than twenty people came to the meet-up. I was glad to see partners and shop owners sending their developers and project leaders to the event.

As previously announced, Joscha started talking about his TOXID project and how it can be used to integrate Typo3 content with OXID eShop (and vice-versa). We also discussed integration with other content management systems like WordPress and Joomla using TOXID. If you’ve been using TOXID for this purpose, please feel free to share your insights, or write a tutorial about it, on OXIDforge.

OXID Developer Meet-Up Hamburg 2012-01-13

Later in the evening, I spent some time talking about OXID’s development plans for 2012, including OXID eShop 4.6.0 beta, and we had an interesting and spirited discussion about this.

Another big topic also came up: the idea of developing another admin panel with the community, which was first born at the OXID Unconference in May 2011. Now, in Hamburg, almost everybody who was interested in this venture was in attendance, and so we agreed on a kick-off meeting and coding event between March 9-10. If you are interested in supporting this project and have some spare capacity, please contact me.

The bottom line: we held a very successful and informative developer meet-up again. If you would like to see a similar meet-up in your location, please talk to me about the date first. The rest is pretty simple: just reserve a table for enough people and help to spread the word.


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