OXID gets a Portuguese translation

Very good news if you want to run a modern, free and open source e-commerce plattform from Portugal:
Thanks our Portuguese community member, monteiro, Portuguese translation is now available for OXID eShop. In a first step, I put the complete file to the language section of OXIDforge. This file for displaying the front end in the correct translation, is available under GNU GPL.

Of course, you may use Portuguese lang.php as an additional language if you run your shop somewhere else then Portugal. Just make sure you translated your products and categories as well.

Also, an Italian fellow, tassoman, found his way back to the forums and promised an Italian translation to come up soon. His request for implementing gettext is interesting enough: AFAIK the PHP library “gettext” has got a lot of clients that would make both, front and back end translations pretty easy. I handed that proposal over to OXID’s shop product management.

For future, maybe we could use the new collaboration plattform on OXIDforge that we are working on for translation stuff as well as for new themes, templates or modules. It will open up the next few days.


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