Travis CI available for OXID eShop CE repository

Let me trigger one of the most noteworthy pull requests to the OXID eShop repository at GitHub in the recent past. @adriankirchner, developer at dotfly (OXID solution partner) committed a fully functional Travis CI configuration.

With this contribution it is not only possible to check at a glance if the unit and integration tests are presently passing. Also, contributors get notified whether their pull requests do break the build or not. Detailed information about the reason might be found on the Travis CI website and may help the developers to fix their (breaking?) commit immediately.

Travis CI OXID eShop CE integration

Of course, internally we were already working with Jenkins for automated testing. But as this CI tool is set up for internal use only, the testing only starts after merging the pull requests. And here Travis CI comes into the game as it is publicly available.

In a long term, the Travis CI implementation helps to improve the software quality of the project, reduces the time of code reviews, makes the contribution process more effective, transparent – and more fun for all involved parties.

Thank you very much, Adrian! This is a big step forward, also in community building.


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