Hockethon May 13th – 15th at Kellerkinder

Hockethon May 13th – 15th at Kellerkinder

What, “Hockethon”? Must be a misspelling of “Hackathon”, mustn’t it? Nope, it is just a word game connecting Hackathon with the city where it took place: Hockenheim, where the Shopware Partner Kellerkinder (translates to ‘nerds’) resides. Kellerkinder introduced to the first Shopware Hockethon ever and the first Hackathon after the pandemic situation of the last years.

Intentionally, especially senior level developers were addressed to join this event. In summary, about 15 people came together to hack on projects of their choosing in an open and very heartful atmosphere in this stylish villa. The event organization couldn’t be more perfect: Kellerkinder took care of the food and drinks, bribed us with their giveaways and sent their best developers into the game. Highlights of course were The One and Only Betty who gave us an unbelievably professional massage, an entire food truck just for us and Timo who showed us his archery equipment ✌️.

Also, something really interesting happened: in the beginning, the lads organized themselves in small groups. Latest on the second day, all of us sat together in just one room, coding, talking to each other and having fun – nearly a perfect momentum to see friendly and open people sharing knowledge with each other.

Here I took some photo impressions of the event for you:

Nearly without wasting time, an astonishing amount of projects where mostly brought to an end and found their way as pull requests to the Shopware platform or as separate projects inside the ecosystem. Here are the topics:

  • Rafał took care about Redis caching. There where a lot of small requests which could be optimized in Shopware’s Redis implementation. A small plugin was written that collects all of these requests and reduces them by ~50%.
  • Uwe and Jan aimed to create a pull request that allows to re-use rules or create a rule on the basis of another rule. Here it is: https://github.com/shopware/platform/pull/2487
  • @tinect, Timo & Hauke took a deeper look into the cart object and analyzed what actually is safed. By optimizing the code they could spare ~30%. Thanks for the idea BTW, @wkreminger! Here is their pull request for this project: https://github.com/shopware/platform/pull/2485
  • @tinect also took care about the project 301/302 redirects and made this function a bit more comfortable with his plugin: https://github.com/tinect/TinectRedirects
  • Filters and groups in storefront (AKA layered navigation) were optimized by Oli and Stephan. The filters are now loaded via Ajax.
  • Furthermore, Oli was working on the admin search and connected elasticsearch with it. With a bit of luck, this feature will be available for everybody using Shopware and will be delivered with the core with one of the next releases.
  • Another very interesting project is HTTP cache for the store API & Rector where Soner and Manuel where working on. Rector can save a lot of time with refactoring after updates of any kind – be it PHP or Shopware versions – in your projects. Here is the repository for Shopware integration: https://github.com/FriendsOfShopware/shopware-rector
  • Olli W. was working on a Shopware CLI in Go. Configuration should be possible via YAML files, but still seems to be bit of a challange 😉 https://github.com/FriendsOfShopware/shopware-cli

Feel free checking out or joining any of the above named projects – everything is open! Hope to see you on one of the next Hackathons or Hockethons!

[Update]: more posts about Hockethon:


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