I will attend E-commerce Berlin EXPO

On 15th of February 2018, E-commerce Berlin EXPO will take place again at STATION. I attended already in the last year and was surprised to see other faces than usually on events in this line of business. No wonder: E-commerce Berlin EXPO is much more multinational than other events usually are. Surprisingly, e-commerce vendors are not the majority, online merchants will cover a high percentage of the expected 4.000 visitors this very day.

Basically, it is not just an exposition, a conference will be hold abreast bringing in top notch speakers and interesting talks. The atmosphere is pretty loud and not very fancy or extravagant but actually absolutely sufficient.

We at OXID will have a stand as well at B26, and I will go as well. If you feel fancy to talk to me, please feel free to pop in or drop me a line.


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