Good bye OXID

Good bye OXID

After more than 14 (fourteen!) years at OXID eSales, it’s time for something new.

This past period of my life took a lot of time. And even if it is coming to an end now: it has never been boring until the end.

I started in support in May 2007, and after a short phase in sales I went straight into community management when OXID decided to release a core version of the OXID eShop software under the GPLv3 open source license in October 2008.

During this entire period I was able to learn a lot about software development, processes and of course community management (DevRels), and as a community advocate I was able to influence decisions and processes myself, which I look back on with pride. I was often the first point of contact in the ecosystem, was allowed to be a member of the Security Counsel, took care of hosting partners technically and was allowed to look after the OXID Savvy Programme as a direct contact.

I helped to push platforms like OXIDforge, our new forum, the translation platform or the dev-channel (currently Slack) together with a good handful of volunteers and loved to sacrifice some weekends for it together with you.

I traveled with and through OXID to San José, Paris, Kaunas, Poznań and countless German cities, even to those that hardly anyone knows.

I was always at the forefront of events, sought personal contact, introduced you to each other, and learned to listen and, if possible, take what I heard back to the company as valuable feedback. We have had some heated discussions with each other there and/or in the forums.

I got to know you as wonderful colleagues as well as developers in agencies and at the customer directly, with whom I would like to work again and again, and we have celebrated together really wild parties 😉

And yet I can no longer go along with the current path OXID now wants to take – a separation is therefore logical, good and inevitable for both sides. I wish OXID all the best and best success on these paths!

Thank you for all the years, for all the great hours together, for all the feedback, for your active support, flag waving, pull requests on GitHub, translations, questions, comments and all other kinds of contributions to the community!

I take my leave with one laughing and one crying eye. And remember: we always see each other twice in life. Please consider this a threat 😉

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