The Scuttles at Anker Leipzig

On November, 14th, The Scuttles will perform again in Anker Leipzig. As Seb is really set on fire about that band we have go there. Seb seems to to be really addicted to Dire Straits tbo. No day that I don’t hear “Sultans of Swing” played along on his guitar in a different version again and again. I really love it 🙂

Hello Blogosphere!

Finally I stumbled in 🙂 It took a long time since I felt expressing myself and actually doing it! Twitter is just too short, isn’t it? I will mostly be writing about my job as Community Guide at OXID eSales, the inventor of OXID eShop but also about personal stuff: My boys, making music and musicians, aquaristics, archery and past episodes and stories I underwent in my life. Hope you’ll like it.